The home of the Canton Youth Lacrosse Club

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Goals: regulation lacrosse cages.

Ball: regulation solid yellow ball.

Length: regulation women's crosse (field stick for field players and goalie stick for goalkeepers) cut to a comfortable length.
Pocket depth: as the crosse is held in a horizontal position, pressure is applied to and released from a ball dropped into the pocket. The ball must remain even with or above the wall of the crosse.

Girls Safety Equipment
All field players (everyone but the goalie) must wear a mouth guard with no protruding tabs and ASTM approved women's regulation lacrosse goggles while on the field during games AND practices.

Goalkeepers must wear a regulation helmet, throat protector, mouth guard, chest protector and goalie gloves while on the field during games AND practices. Leg padding and pelvic protection is recommended but not required.

All girls are required to purchase their own goggles.

Goalkeeper equipment is provided by Canton Youth Lacrosse.