The home of the Canton Youth Lacrosse Club


Registration Instructions (Please Read Carefully)


  • We recommend registering from a computer only. Some of the buttons and features are not available or are not clear when trying to register from a phone or tablet.

  • For returning players: if you forgot your password, enter your email address only and hit submit.  Your password will be sent to you.  Do not create another account for your child.

  • For first-time players, Parents/Guardians need to register themselves as well as their children (players). The first registration page is for Parents/Guardians and then you move on to register the players.  If you are registering more than one child, simply click on the "Add Child" button is on the confirmation page. 

  • Any information such as player names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc. which you enter in this process is for internal records only and does not get displayed to the public.  Contact information will be accessible by coaches and team administrators only, for the purpose of keeping you informed regarding news, events, and schedule changes.  This information is stored on a roster but is not viewable by the public. 

​​​Boys Registration

Registration for the Boys program requires pre-registration with Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse ( MBYLL registration costs $30 and includes membership to US Lacrosse, Positive Coaching Alliance, and Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League. 

Please visit:  to register with MBYLL. You will need the MBYLL ID/confirmation number to complete the Canton Youth Lacrosse registration.


Girls Registration

Registration for the Girls program requires registration with the Founders Girls Lacrosse League ( registration fee of $30 replaces the mandatory registration with US Lacrosse. Please visit: to register with Founders. You will need your player's ID/Confirmation number to complete the Canton Youth Lacrosse registration.


  • Please do not go to the US Lacrosse Website, register separately and then try to enter that number into the Canton System - it will not work.
  • While US Lacrosse membership is optional, it cannot be substituted for a FGLL player registration. 


Any problems with the registration process please contact