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We are always looking for more Lacrosse coaches.  While previous experience with the sport is helpful, it is not required.  We want to get more parents involved and if you wish to volunteer we can train you. 
3 things are mandatory for all coaches to do:
  1. Register with MBYLL - All coaches need to register on the MBYLL Coaching Portal
  2. CYL coach registration - Please go to the Canton Youth Lacrosse ( ), select Register Online from the left hand menu and register.  You will need your US Lacrosse membership number to do this. This will allow us to set you up as coaches for your respective teams.
  3. SafeyOne - Once you register with the MBYLL Coaching Portal they will send you a link to SafeyOne to complete your coaching and background checks. 
Coach Certification - Each team needs at least one coach to be MBYLL certified in order for the team to play.  Preferably we would like to have more than one coach certified.  For Select all coaches, Head and Assistants, need to be certified.  For those of you new to the sport and our program we would not mandate it but we would recommend it because the online lessons and the instructional clinic provide good instruction on the basics. 
For coaches renewing certification, you need to attend an instructional clinic every 2 years.  I recommend the Trilogy 1.5 or 2.5 clinics which offer some new material beyond level 1.0.  
To get certified for the 1st time you need to:
  • Complete the online CEP Level 1 Men's course on the USLacrosse website. This is included as part of your dues when you join USLacrosse. This course is only required one time.
  • Complete a Positive Coaching Alliance on-line course. This is paid for by MBYLL; I will get the code.
  • Complete the USLacrosse online course titled How to Make Proper Contact, which is free to all US Lacrosse members. The link is here
  • Complete one of the MBYLL in person courses. This is a 4 hour clinic mostly scheduled during weekday evenings (and a coule of Saturdays). There is a fee for this which we will reimburse.
A list of Instructional clinics can be found on MBYLL's web site ( )